Seed Cycling Natural PMS Solution Europe

End PMS and menstrual symptoms for good.

Show your cycle some love with two nutritional blends taken at two different times of the cycle. Seed cycling is a clinically trialed protocol that can naturally regulate hormone levels to reduce symptoms of the menstrual cycle, PCOS and endometriosis.

Seed cycling is clinically proven to combat PCOS and other menstrual conditions

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Seed Cycle Blend (1-month)
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Look at the difference between female and male hormones.

Does this explain a few things? It sure did for us. Once we discovered how different our hormonal fluctuations are compared to males, we realised that our biochemistry requires a completely different approach. Seed Cycle Blend gives your hormones the nutrients they need, when they need it.



What the experts say

Seed Cycle Blend Melissa Vranjes Certified Holistic Sex Coach New Zealand

“So easy and convenient. Seed Cycle Blend makes it simple to add these ground mixes directly to my daily breakfasts and meals. Have already started recommending to clients :)”

Jema Lee | Menstrual Cycle Coach

“I love Seed Cycle Blend and recommend this product to all my patients that want to do seed cycling!”

Dr Emily Hernandez / Fertility & Digestive ND

"Natural hormone support has arrived. They keep my hormones happy, healthy and as a result my cycle regular and pain-free.”

Melissa Vranjes / Certified Holistic Sex Coach NZ

"The blends have helped to support my hormone balance for nearly a year now. A simple and really effective way that I've found to reduce pre-menstrual breast tenderness"

Tayla Made Nutrition | B.NatHerbMed, Dip.HolisticNut, GradDipAppPsych NZ

"It's the simplest way to nourish your hormones and cyclical health. Especially if you have symptoms like PMS, bloating, longer or irregular cycles and hormonal acne"

Dr. Cassandra | Hormone + Period Health ND @menstruationqueen